4th Edition of Ramadan – An Event to Share


Assalamo alykum. Ramadan Kareem  & welcome to the 4th Edition of Ramadan- An event to share.

Ramadan Kareem2017

 This past year has been very skeptical for me with all the things going around the world.   Let ‘s hope  this glorious month of Ramadan brings lots of hope for better tomorrow & better world.  So this year we have new bloggers and foodies, who are sharing their Ramadan celebration with us.

Ramadan Kareem

This event is starting from tomorrow 1st of Ramadan and will continue till end . I will update the links on this page as we move further. So join us in our journey to know more and celebrate this pious month exploring cuisines, culture , celebrations and much more.

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Mogre Ka Sharbat/ Indian Jasmine Sharbat


Mogre Ka Sharbat is a fragrant & soothing sharbat made from mogra/  indian jasmine for summers

Indian Jasmine Sharbat

While the summery breeze in the night carried along the fragrance of mogra from the side window  making the atmosphere soothing over the daily stress & emotions. The morning they would be adorned as jewels in the ears. My ammi loved the fragrance of mogra. When we shifted to a new place from the hush bush of the city life, she made sure to plant the mogra plant on her side window of her room. She loved these fragrant flowers so much that her ears would be adorned with these beautiful flowers. She always said it gave her a soothing effect.

Mogre ka sharbat

 It is said the when the person goes from your life all you have is  memories. And these memories become such a precious treasure to hold on each one. You try to revisit & relive them by  associating to different things. Mogra/ Indian Jasmine for me holds for me one such memory of my beautiful mother with a ever smiling face. She loved her garden and was always worried about it till her last days. When Mayuri from Mayuri’s Jikoni, asked bloggers to send one recipe special to  mothers or want to dedicate to her for mother’s day, I thought why not a recipe made from her favorite flower mogra. Mogre ka sharbat is very soothing drink with delicate flavors. Happy Mother’s Day.

Serves 3 to 4

Mogre Ka Sharbat/ Indian Jasmine Sharbat

8 hrPrep Time

8 hrTotal Time

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  • 1 cup Mogra / Indian jasmine ( remove green part )
  • 3 glass water
  • 6 -7 tsp sugar


  1. Remove the green part from the mogra flowers & wash under tap water 3 to 4 times to clean if any dust or insects
  2. In a jug or deep vessel put the cleaned mogra flowers
  3. Pour over the drinking water on the flowers
  4. Cover & keep it in fridge overnight or minimum 5 to 6 hours
  5. Next day strain the water in other vessel
  6. Add in sugar & mix till dissolved. Adjust the sweetness according to taste
  7. Pour in glass & serve chilled
Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Type: Beverage


Honey or jaggery can be added instead of sugar.


On this mother’s day few of my fellow bloggers have also prepared their mother’s favorite recipes. Please do check out..

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Chicken tagine with Lemon scented herbed couscous 

Biji Salak – Indonesian Sweet Potato Dumpling


Biji salak is an Indonesian dumpling made using sweet potato & soaked with various sauces.

Biji Salak

It’s time again for MFB Challenge & this month Indonesian cuisine was chosen. After a long time I have started participating in different challenges. These challenges force me to move  out from my comfort zone and try different cuisine. Which I am pretty sure , I won’t attempt otherwise.I googled many recipes for Indonesian food. At a time I was a bit confused as lots of recipes had similarity to Malaysian cuisine. I also harrassed a tiny bit my dear friend Rafee as she host this mfb challenge.My  search led me  to an understanding that like India, Indonesian food varies according to different region.There were fritters, Sambal, satay, noodles and rice among the  common few.

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