Palak Pulao / Spinach Pulao


Palak Pulao / Spinach Pulao is a one pot meal. Served with plain buttermilk  Palak Pulao is packed with nutrients and serves as delicious meal in a hurry.

Palak pulao
Using the spinach as a main ingredient, I share with all my readers  the  recipe of Palak Pulao. This nutrition packed pulao is for kiddies to biggies. Specially for people who hate green leafy vegetables. 

Oat meal Banana cake


Oatmeal Banana cake is yumminess overloaded with flavors of nutmeg,  coffee & coco.A simple cake to be enjoyed for breakfast with your cuppa of coffee.

Banana Oatmeal cake

I feel baking a cake should be simple and enjoyable. No complicated methods. Just mix everything  and pour over in the pan & ready for baking. One of my favorite method of baking a cake is mixing wet ingredients with dry and the batter is ready to get into the oven to bake. I have shared many cake recipes which follow the same method like Figs & Saffron Chocolate Banana Cake , Chocolate Cupcake ,Eggless Chocolate Cake .

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Keema Gobi Ka Salan / Cauliflower with Mutton Keema


Keema Gobi ka Salan is a meddly of Mutton/ Gosht kheema with vegetables. Served as a main dish this delicious semi gravy dish is top list on  a week menu.

Keema Gobhi Ka Salan3

Keema Gobi ka salan is  the recipe from my inlaws side .According to K , his nana prepared on one his stays at their place.  I have always been impressed by K’s  Nanajan. He was very kind soul with knowledge of any topic in discussion.   Continue reading

Alu Bukhare Ka Sharbat / Red Plum Sharbat


Alu Bukhare Ka Sharbat / Red Plum Sharbat is a delicious non alcoholic beverage made from red juicy plum with a little touch of fennel seedssharbat-alubukharaWhen wrapping the things at my Ammi’s place in January , I came across  pages and notes along with real old urdu recipe book. With torn pages & ink marks were the reminders of the time it had been written.  Ammi had a habit of writing different recipes. It may be her own or  from Radio, TV and also from  friends with little notes of her additions. I don’t know what is the source of her recipes but now it has become a precious thing for me to keep in my diary. These are the memoirs for me to keep. I have her old letters written to me when I came to Dubai. They are simply papers and things written for anyone, but for me these are my valued possessions. Continue reading