An Indian variety of Naan consumed by Muslim Community in India. Specially eaten with Kalia (mutton/chicken gravy)Naan

In India, Naan is easily available in bakeries. But after coming to Dubai, I tried finding it in many bakeries but with no results.Though I found a Moroccan bread Cherub/khubz which looked quite similar to Naan . But on tasting Moroccan cherub, I was pretty disappointed as it was completely different. Continue reading

Murg Takatak / Chicken Takatak


Murg Takatak is an Indian street food served with the tandoori roti

I have grown up seeing my Appi gathering cutting of recipes  from different magazines and newspaper. Later they were  neatly filed  according to the meal  courses. When I saw ‘Cooking from Scrapbook”  for this month’s challenge on MFBC started by my dear friend Rafee of  The Big Sweet Tooth , I was super excited to participate. Having missed previous challenges due to circumstances ,  I wanted to participate in  this month’s challenge anyhow.

Murg Takatak

For a food blogger do you know what is  the precious thing in the world. Their recipe scrap books. Right ! I started writing scrap book long long back. Some consisted my own recipe creation , while others were recipe notes from different TV shows, newspaper clippings or shared by someone.This month challenge has given me the opportunity to share a delicious recipe of Murg Takatak which I had scribbled down. Continue reading

Achari Masala /Pickle Masala


Achari Masala can be used to pickle different kinds of vegetables and meat.Achari Masala

I love making different kinds of Indian Masala in my cooking. Though there are boxes of readymade masalas in my pantry but making your own masala from scratch is something very appealing to me. Reason being you can adjust the taste accordingly and foremost control the level of salt in this masala. Continue reading

Halawat Timman/ Sulemani Halwa

Halawat timman  aka Sulemani Halwa is a rice flour based halawa from Iraq. Flavored with middle eastern flavors of rose water and saffron, Halawat Timman is a unique treat for a sweet lovers
Halawat Timman
I have joined Mena Cooking club. What is that now? Mena refers to the countries in middle east and north Africa. Countries like  Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti,Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco,Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, West Bank and Gaza, and Yemen are considered to be in Mena region. I have always been fascinated by the cuisine of this region.

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