Chicken: 500gm
oil 1/2 cup
1 big onion paste (grinded to paste with little water)
ginger garlic paste 2 tbsp
1/4 tsp tumeric powder
1tsp red chilly powder
1 & 1/2 tsp coriander powder
2 tbsp curd
3 green chillies
1tsp garam masala powder
whole garam masala
salt to taste
1&  1/2 glass water
1/4 cup bunch Coriander chopped
  • Heat oil in a deep pan.
  • When hot add whole garam masala.
  • When it crackles, add onion paste. Cook till it changes it color. 
  • Now add ginger garlic paste. Fry till the  smell of it diminishes Add garam masala powder.
  • Add tumeric, red chilly, coriander powder. fry a little with little water.
  • Now remove from flame and then add curd (This is done to prevent curd from curdling and forming ball in the gravy)
  • Put the pan again on the flame.Bhunav (FRY) for some time. 
  • Add chicken. Bhunav with little water for 3 minutes.
  • Add 1/2 of chopped coriander, salt, and green chillies.
  • Now add the remaining water and cook till chicken is tender.
  • Keep Gravy consistency according to your choice. (I don’t keep it too thin or too thick  BUT medium)
  • In the end add the remaining coriander leaves.
  • Serve with chapati, rice and Raita.
1/2 cup curd  + 1 small onion + few sprigs of coriander leaver + salt to taste + 1 small green chilly (Cut into 3 pc) + salt to taste
Mix all the above to prepare the raita.

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