The difficulties faced during making caramel sauce are well known. Many of my friends always  ask how to prepare a perfect caramel for caramel pudding.So here it is.Step by step.First please don’t multitask. We women have a habit of multitasking. CONCENTRATE ON MAKING CARAMEL ONLYYYYYY.Though my  post is for preparing simple caramel. But I feel the more  information you have about a particular recipe, It will help to understand the solution of the difficulties faced while preparing the recipe


Sugar  4 tbsp             water 1tbsp only

In a aluminum vessel or pan  add sugar and water.
Put the vessel on a medium heat first. You can see it is changing its color
Slow the gas flame to its LOWEST POINT. This is a very crucial stage. Cook till u need your  desired color
I don’t like my caramel too brown. 

NOTE: I prepare my caramel sauce in the same pan which can be further used to   prepare caramel pudding.

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