Servings :4 – 5 Parathas


Basic Potato Mixture  1 recipe (Divided into 4-5 portions)
Dough made from 2 cups whole wheat flour and water.
4-5 tbsp whole wheat flour for dusting.
4 tbsp oil for frying.

Knead a soft Dough using 2 cups whole wheat flour +Salt & water.Rest for 5 minutes.
Then Divide  into 4-5 pieces

Taking one piece , roll into 3 inches diameter

Put a potato mixture on the rolled roti

Taking the edge of the roti, bring together to form the roll. Flatten a little by putting little pressure of your hands.

Using dry whole wheat flour roll in 1/2 inch thick and   5  inches diameter paratha

Put the prepared paratha on a hot girdle (Tava)
When done from one side turn over
Using 1 tsp oil fry on both the sides
Fry till it is crisp f & brown from both sides

Serve hot with green chutney & curd

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