Almond Brittle

Eat it  directly .

 Or crush & sprinkle as a topping to your ice cream

Or add it to your Basic ice cream for a butter scotch flavor

1/2 cup plain sugar + 3 tbsp water
1/4 tsp unsalted butter 
5 tbsp sliced unskinned almond  or slightly crushed whole almonds
greased tray or I used shiny part of aluminium foil

  1. Put  plain sugar & water together in a pan. 
  2. Cook on medium low heat until dissolved. 
  3. Stirring continously cook till you get the brown caramel color
  4. Add in butter.Mix well
  5. Add in  almond stir for few sec.Remove from the flame .
  6. Pour the prepared mixture on a greased tray or shiny part of aluminium foil.
  7. When cool remove. Now Break into pieces & ground coarsely.
Note:I put the broken pieces into a plastic bag & pounded it with rolling pin. 

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