Soothing your taste buds this summer

Like a cold breeze

in the month of summer

 Prepared with only 4 ingredients

Serves 1 ONLY


200 gm low fat yogurt (Hung curd- kept in fridge overnight for draining water)
4 tbsp powder sugar ( adjust according to your taste if you want more)
2 pods of cardamon crushed
1 mango cubed (I used Alphonso)


I . Preparing the yogurt base.

  1. Keep the yogurt in a strainer. Place in on a deep vessel.Cover & keep overnight in the fridge so all the excess water gets drained out.
  2. Take out the strained yogurt & mix in sugar & cardamon. 
  3. Mix well
II. Assembling the Mangolicious
  1. Take bowl, ice-cream cup or any vessel you want to serve in
  2. Put a spoon of prepared yogurt then with cubed mangoes.
  3. Layer it topping with yogurt at the end.
  4. Garnish with few mango cubes
  5. Chill for 10 minutes & Njoy the cold breeze this summer.

12 thoughts on “Mangolicious

  1. Wow.. Yummy... Also dear, please collect your Liebster award from me,
  2. wow Alphanso. I so miss it in this part of the world:( Have to wait for summer to get some decent mangoes and will make this yummy dessert then

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