Qamar Al Din

Qamar Al Din is a popular drink in Middle East during Ramadan to break the fast. Though we break our fast with dates but this drink full with it nutrients is taken as a thirst quencher in this region.This drink is popular in Arab Countries specially in Egypt, Syria where apricots are found in abundance.

This is prepare using apricot fruit leather. Apricots are sun dried  and then cooked on a very low temperature to have a sticky fruit leathers. 


Apricot fruit leather is then soaked overnight or for few hours, strained & then add the sweetener  It is served cold. This drink is very simple to prepare.


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12 thoughts on “Qamar Al Din

  1. i tried qamaruddin last ramadan at home, after drinking it from several iftar buffets outside and absolutely loved it... i made lollies with the remaining as well, recipe on my blog... this time also i intend to bring and utilise a couple of packs... :) the pics look good and love the presentation of the recipe, classic!!!

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