Butter Scotch Ice Cream

Preparing ice cream is easy . But believe me taking pictures was not.This is the longest time , I took to post a recipe. Hhhm!!

I literally had to Google out to check how my fellow bloggers & photographers take pics for this sweet indulgence with so much finace. In between I was amazed to see that many posts with  fake ice cream (a mix of butter cream & heavy mix of  icing sugar) was used to take pictures. Frankly speaking , I don’t like to deceive people. No offence to others who are following this fake recipe to take pictures. But for me it is a complete NO NO. 
This is the best pic of the lot I took. And still trying out to take pics till the last scoop so lets see if I pass the challenge of  taking the picture to my satisfaction. Till then , please enjoy this cuppa of my Butterscotch Ice cream. 
Servings:  750 – 800 gms


375 ml cream CHILLED
400 gm condense milk (1 tin)
1 tsp vanilla essence

For preparing basic ice cream  click HERE

1 recipe of Almond Brittle


  1. Prepare the basic ice cream. Set it for 4 hours till semi set stage
  2. Prepare the almond brittle & crush it
  3. Now add the crushed brittle to semi set ice cream
  4. Chill in refrigerator overnight at medium temperature.
  5. njoy.

10 thoughts on “Butter Scotch Ice Cream

  1. Hi Humi,

    Taking photographs of ice cream can be tricky... On hot days, it was even harder.

    How would you tell if the ice cream photograph are fake or not??? Some might be good photographers??? Just want to mention that there are honest and good photographers out there too :p

  2. I agree with you on the fakes. Have tried recipes and sad to say, disastrous. Yet somehow many fall for the pictures. Glad you gave the original. It looks so good and tempting. Let me finish off with my peak at work and try it out. I think the brittle is definitely a must. Read through the recipes and with the step by step process, I should't have any issue following.
  3. Hi Zoe.
    With high temp its really diff taking pics and specially of ice creams.
    I agree there are Honest & good photographers too. Just mentioned what I found along the way.As I said before no offence to others. Its their choice.
    Keep in touch dear.
  4. very tempting ice cream. I had caught the bug of making ice cream when I visited my son in Canada. It was breeze making them using the ice cream maker. You are right, photographing ice creams is tricky. But who cares really as long as the recipe and picture is authentic.

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