Pickled Gooseberries

Gooseberry also known as amla is considered to be rich source of antioxidants, vitamins A & C, fiber, iron, potassium and the list goes on & on.. this little tarty wonderful fruit is loaded with health benefit. Have it in any form pickled, dried, candy, or  murabbas. 

Today sharing with you the simple recipe of this pickled fruit in salt water.

Just two ingredients and few days. You will have this pickled gooseberry.


500 ml Water
2 tbsp salt
500 gm gooseberry/ amla


  1. Prick the gooseberry with a fork on all sides. 
  2. In a bottle or jar ( with a airtight cover), make a concoction of salt & water.
  3. Mix in the prickled gooseberries.
  4. Cover tightly & keep aside on the kitchen counter.
  5. Approximately 4 -5 days you will have this pickled gooseberries ready to eat.

7 thoughts on “Pickled Gooseberries

  1. I have always thought that vinegar is need for pickling. Only now I found out that without it, pickling can still be done. My amla tree hasn't bear fruits yet and when it does, I shall pickle them. I adore any kind of pickles and its perfect as a condiment for rice.

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