Moroccan Orange Almond Cake (Gluten Free)


I am making this cake for last  two years since I saw its telecast on Moroccon Food Safari at Fox network channel. But every time forgot to post it until K reminded me to make it again for this citrus season. This cake is full of  orangie yumminess as the whole fruit is added to it.

Not a tiny bit of Butter or Oil. Yes its true.
Nor a  spec of flour. 

Completely gluten free  moist cake with all the yumminess of oranges
And the simplest ingredient

13 thoughts on “Moroccan Orange Almond Cake (Gluten Free)

  1. Lovely with the citrusy scent. Its a new technic for me, the oranges cooked in water but just wondering if the skin will infuse a bitter taste. I infact baked an orange cake and waiting to be posted tomorrow. Still, I would love to try this Moroccan version the next round.
  2. Hi Humi,

    Being almost fat-free, orange almond flourless cake is always my fav!!! Your looks very nicely baked and extremely delicious!!! Try baking it with cardamon! My friend and I like doing that as our cakes will be extra fragrant! :D


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