Chapter 10 – Ramadan An event to share


Assalamo alykum. Today we are moving away from the arabian adventures and jumping to the South Asian country of Sri Lanka for Ramadan An event to share with Jehan Yusoof of Islandsmile. Jehan is wonderful person , always ready to help anyone. Over to you Jehan.

Ramadan 2016

Before we move on to the recipe, I would like to thank Huma for giving me this opportunity to guest post on her Blog as a part of her annual “Ramadan-an event to share”. To the readers of her blog, I hope they find this list of recipes Huma shares helpful in their daily preparation for the month of fasting.

Sri Lanka is a multi-cultural country with different religions, the food is diverse as its culture, I believe this is the best part of my country, it gives me a chance to incorporate recipes with diversity.

When it comes to the month of fasting, for me, with apart from the spiritual growth, it’s always been about having the family together.Food they love, doing certain things together they hate (you will find this is a very common trait in a house full of kids)so the month of fasting gives me the opportunity to get them all together into the kitchen sharing the workload and having  very enlightening conversations with all four of them. Yes, even the boys. By the grace of almighty Allah, I hope one day that each of them would nurture this habit of togetherness into their own families when they are adults.

The recipe I chose is an herbal staple breakfast drink for Sri Lankans, a Kanji of sorts which I’ve adapted into a Smoothie.  The original recipe usually has 3 to 4 different herbal greens in it but here I’m using a very common ingredient to make it.


In days when you’re tired, preparing Suhoor just for yourself or when the alarm fails you. this recipe would be ideal as it literally takes just five minutes to put together.

Green herbal Smoothie

Servings- 2

Cooking and prep time- 5 minutes


A handful of Curry leaves

1 cup of cooked rice (white or red rice)

1 Cup of Coconut milk

Salt to taste

Crushed Cashew nuts (optional)

Dates( option as a sweetener)


  1. Add all the ingredients into a blender and blitz until it reaches a smooth consistency. If you need the Smoothie to be less thick, add more Coconut milk. Reduce or add Salt as per your preference.
  2. Warm the smoothie in a pan over the stove or better yet, use a microwave to heat it.
  3. Garnish with a few crushed Cashew nuts and you have a healthy, bowl of breakfast, not too light, not too heavy but just right.
  4. Garnish with a few crushed Cashew nuts and you have a healthy, bowl of breakfast, not too light, not too heavy but just right.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 10 – Ramadan An event to share

  1. No doubt, Huma is doing a good job. .putting Ramadan recipes altogether and making it easy access for everyone.Huma 4th point doesn't required here, 3rd point is repeated ...never mind Nice meeting you Jehan, smoothie looks beautiful in pastel green colour. Thanks for sharing easy suhoor recipe.
  2. Very unusual smoothie can see hints of something i have seen in a sri lankan cook book. My mum lived in sri lanka for 9 years so i grew up loving the food and so happy to finally discover ablog featuring sri lankan recipes

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