Fig & Pistachio Energy Bites – Guest Post for Yummy Food


Assalamo alykum. Alhamdolilha, it’s  been  nearly a week now the Ramadan has started. There is a kind of peace, calmness and a serene atmosphere  around this part of country. The nights have become like a day and the excitement of this month can be seen every where. Each year during this month it’s like a tradition to give gifts to our employees to start of their Ramadan. We make a pack of goodies which can be consumed in Ramadan. To give more a personal effect this time we thought to give them some handmade goodies. For today’s recipe of Fig & Pistachio Energy Bites, you need to hope over to Lubna’s of Yummy Food where each year she invites blogger for her event Joy of Fasting to Feasting.

Fig & Pistachio Energy Bites

Thank you Lubna for making me a part of your event. Please check out her space to know more.

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