Ramadan Kareem


Ramadan Kareem to all the readers of  Ghezaeshiriin.  Alhamdolilha  the pious month has arrived and preparation for it are in full swing  in each Muslim household. Ramadan is a month which unites all muslims around the globe in fasting, feasting and praying. This is the time to focus your attention on praying, purifying our soul, and bring some discipline in our lifestyle. The days , nights of ramadan   are considered best among the day & nights. This is a month where your sleep is worship , prayers and good deed are accepted.Fasting not only means refraining yourself from eating. The true meaning is to self restraint  from practicing all immoral acts like greed, lying , slander etc and practice generosity . 

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Ramadan Kareem to you all again and hope we reach our goals to sustenance and  purify our soul for a better us, better family and better world.I would also like to  welcome you to the   3rd Edition of Ramadan – An Event to Share and explore the food habit , culture of muslims around the globe . This year we have invited different muslimah bloggers from various  countries to share their experience about Ramadan and how they celebrate it in their homes. 


This event is starting from tomorrow 1st of Ramadan and will continue till end of Ramadan. I will update the links on this page as we move further. So join us in our to know more and celebrate this pious month exploring cuisines, culture celebrations and much more.

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