Cardamom & Pistachio China Grass


Cardamom & Pistachio Pudding is flavored milk set using china grass or agar agar powder

Caradamom & Pistachio China grass

This month for MFB challenge , the theme was to make a dish associated with Ramadan memories. Well when I think of one such dish, the varieties of thaals with different flavors of china grass come to my mind. This was a  special sweet prepared only in the month of Ramadan.Sometimes , different layers with different colors & flavors were set together or many times it poured over flat tray and then cut with alphabetical  stencils to form beautiful words. Yes people used to make variety of designs using the agar agar/ china grass liquid like writing Ramadan Mubarak or Eid Mubarak. This was mostly done while sending Eidi to a newly engaged girl’s house along with other gifts.

Cardamom & Pistachio China Grass

It is quite easy to prepare the pudding. Flavor the milk according to your taste. Use the setting agent china grass or agar agar. And done. China grass is mostly available in from of strips. I grind it into fine powder form for ease of use. To the recipe.


  • 1 ltr milk
  • 8 to 10 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tsp china grass powder/agar agar powder + 1/3 cup water
  • 1/2 tsp  Pure Rose water
  • 4 pods of cardamom powder
  • 3 tbsp crushed pistachios


  1. Prepare the  thaal or mould to set the pudding. Sprinkle cardamom powder and pistachio all over the mould or thaal. Set aside
  2. In a deep vessel pour over milk with sugar
  3. Boil till 3/4.
  4. Mix together agar agar and water to form a liquid paste. Add in the agar agar mix to milk
  5. Simmer milk on low flame for 5 to 6 minutes stirring continuously.
  6. Remove from flame & add in rose water. Mix
  7. Pour the milk on the mould or thaal.
  8. Set aside to cool or till it solidifies. Refrigerate to cool.
  9. Cut in desired shape & serve.

Cardamom & Pistachio China grass1

11 thoughts on “Cardamom & Pistachio China Grass

  1. I am wondering where did you get agar-agar powder here... I always find strands... This pudding is something that can be twisted and tweaked in any way... Our side usually it is always a mix of milk and condensed milk, making it little more richer... I love the clicks... the dessert pops out on that colorful plate!
    1. Friend from Malaysia brought for me. Using the powder one , the texture comes out very well. Someone told me powdered form of Agar Agar is also available in US.
  2. Powdering the china grass is an amazing idea.. why didn't I think of it! :-) Simple and delicious! I had my first china grass dessert in early 20s at my Paying guest home. She made for Bakrid and I was laughing when she said China Grass :-P I was so ignorant.
  3. This is such a nostalgic dessert! I've had this on so many occasions during my childhood! I've seen versions where Rooh Afza is also mixed in. Gorgeous dessert, and a gorgeous platter!
  4. Such a beautiful picture with lovely props. I like the way you have presented this dessert and the way it is cut. Usually it is cut into squares or diamonds. And china grass is of course a versatile dish and any flavor goes well with it...

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