Chapter 13 – Ramadan An Event to Share


Assalamo alykum & Welcome to Chapter 13 of Ramadan An Event to Share. Today we have with us Heba Haddad from Heba’s Kitchen. Heba is  a food enthusiast from Kuwait and loves to give a fusion twist to the traditional recipes. She shares with us the recipe of Arabian Nights &  Chicken Mgbos.Ramadan2017

I am Heba Haddad from Kuwait, and working as a full-time managing executive researcher. I discovered my hobby of cooking before 5 yrs. And during those years I developed some cooking techniques that mix some criss-crossing cultures’ cuisine, such as the Kuwaiti, Persian, and Egyptian cuisines.  I discovered by practicing that I have the talent of food stylist along with cooking, and a year ago. I bought my first ever professional camera. Although time files like swingy bird, I managed to set my desires in cooking, food styling and teaching people (whom started with my circle of girls, then enlarged to FB and Instagram followers) how to cook. I am trying every day to add something useful, different, and traditional-spirit style. I have managed to publish over 50+ recipes on my social media accounts during the last year, and it is keep coming.

I recently have lunched my cooking-business of rice pudding catering with more than 15 types of flavors under the name of @hum.q8

Arabian Nights” (Cardamom rice pudding and topped with crushed walnut)

Arabian Nights

Ingredients with Method

  • boil a 1& 1/2 cup of water on high fire
  • put a 1/4 of rice ( I used #Egyptian rice here as it happens to be perfect for any rice pudding recipe as it volumes while cooking
  • cook with continuous steering for 10 minutes by adding 3 eat-spoon of sugar whilst
  • at-side put 3 eating-spoons of milk + 3 spoons of corn starch + 1 spoon of Cardamom (I used Nescafe’s new Arabian coffee with Cardamom) + 1/2 cup of rose water and mix them together to yield a smooth mixture
  • add this mixture to the boiling rise and steer for 3 minutes on high fire then low temperature to its lowest and keep steering for 10 minutes
  • Serve it into small cups with crumbs of ready baked bound-cake.


Chicken Mgbos

Chicken Mgbos

Ingredients & Method

Part A: Preparing the chicken

  • Clean the chicken pieces (either thighs or bone-breasts)
  • Boil a Litre of water then add the chicken pieces with a cup of oil and your favorite spices (salt/ cardamom/ and bay Laurel)
  • Wait till the chicken is done (around 35 mints)
  • Remove it from the pot and set aside with sprinkling some salt over it.

Part B: Preparing the rice

  • Wash 3 cups of basmati rice nicely without breaking its grain
  • Put rice into the pot of the boiling chicken soup
  • Add 2 tea-spoon of food saffron to add the yellow color.
  • Steer calmly for a min then put the temperature to its lowest, and keep the pot for 15min
  • Later, serve the rice by adding the chicken piece above (fry them into some little oil – optional) and decorate it with some fried onions and cashews



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