Chapter 8 – Ramadan An to Share


Assalamoalykum & welcome to the 8th Chapter of Ramadan An Event to Share. Today we are travelling to the lands of Algeria, with Oum e Zakaria. Her instagram account Sisi House displays the variety of dishes from Algerian Cuisine. She brings with us the celebration of Ramadan in Algeria with a recipe of Shorba Frik. A soup consumed in the month of Ramadan


Assalamu alaykum and Ramadan Kareem. I’m oum Zakaria, I was born, raised and still living in Algeria. That country is in the western part  of North Africa, it’s the largest country in Africa,  it’s borded by the Mediterranean sea in the north, and also part of the Maghreb

In  short I’m a mom of three children  I’m passionate about cooking and finding out new recipes. I’m so keen to show you some of Algeria traditional food at this holy month of Ramadan with you my sisters.By the way a special thank to my sister Huma,  who gave me the opportunity to share with you my traditions and Food,  and we are all greatly thankful because she gave as the opportunity to know each other, and our traditions and also our culture .

So today I’ll be showing you a very common soup in Algeria  called “Shorba Frik ” .it’s a principal dish in Algeria  in Ramadan we consume it all long Ramadan, so soup are one of the most nourish yet easy to prepare foods for Ramadan.  Soup don’t need so attention so you wan’t be chained to the stove. I usually prepare soups like chourba with vegetables, chourba from, or chourba baïda during Ramadan in larger batches so that we may enjoy then for several days go by, and when needed I reheart on the stove. Bourek is a tasty soup accompaniment that is easy to make. It has several stuffings, like:spinach, minced meat and cheese, potato with tuna and chicken, you can either made the filling, freeze into amounts you think you will need for each day, then prepare the bourek right before the iftar, or optionally prepare start filling, stuff, fold and then freeze on a sheet pan. Bourek easily go from freezer to pan then table.

Shorba Frik

Shorba Frik

Ingredients :

  • 250g of Lamb.
  • 1 medium onion.
  • 2 tomato.
  • 3 garlic cloves.
  • 6 tbsp of Freek.
  • 2 tbsp of tomato paste.
  • Oil, salt, red pepper, black pepper, coriander, Ginger.
  • 1 hot pepper.
  • Herbs like mints, celery, coriander”.
  • 2 Ltr warm water.

Shorba Frik


  • In a pot add 4 table spoons of oil, onion, garlic and meat, fry till all are golden
  • Now add blended tomatoes, the salt , spices, and the “freek” after washing it
  • Then add tomato paste.
  • Keep mixing the ingredients  & then add 2 L warm water and the herbs (mints,celery and coriander) leave it all cooking.
  • When the meat and “freek” is cooked and thickened; add one hot pepper for taste.
  • Serve warm with some drizzles of lemon and some coriander leaves.

Shorba Frik

To know  more about Oum Zakaria  connect with her on Instagram.

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