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Saffron & Dates Granola is nutritious, flavorful & a  perfect meal to start your day. Packed with flavors of saffron and other dry nuts it is best served  with cardamom milk Saffron & Dates Granola with Cardamom Milk (2)Today , I am not having a guest post at my place but instead I am doing a guest post for a friend Lubna from Yummy Food. Each year during Ramadan, she has a global event for 30 days of  Joys of Fasting to Feasting , inviting bloggers for guest post. This year will be my 4th year of participation in her event. This time I have shared a delicious Granola recipe , flavored with my favorite spice Saffron. Paired with cardamom milk , it is a delicious way to start your fasting. For the entire  post , please check out the Lubna’s  space here


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  1. Pleasure is mine to host you on my blog. Thank you for being part of the event since four years and for this teaser. I am cherished. Have a blessed Ramadan.

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