Sevaiyo Ka Muzaffar


Sevaiyo ka muzaffar is a  second special sweet prepared from vermicelli on the occasion of Eid.
Sevaiyo Ka MuzaffarWell then what is the first ? Well it is Sheer Khurma. I will be sharing the recipe of Sheer Khurma insha allah on last day of Ramadan. Many of the muslim homes prepare this Sevaiyo ka Muzaffar along with Sheer Khurma on the occasion of eid. I have no knowledge how this dish got it’s name Muzaffar but I can guarantee that it is delicious. Full of sweetness and calories too. Now who thinks of calories on festivals.

Sevaiyo Ka Muzaffar

This recipe I have learnt from my sister’s  aunt in law during her visit to Baroda. She was from Allahabad and during her stay she made for us sheermal and sevaiyo ka muzaffar.  The cooking style for this sevaiya is different from Ammi used to prepare. For this recipe , the vermicelli/ sevaiya used is very thin and unroasted . You can identify by its pale brown color. Not to worry as this type of sevaiya is  easily available in the market & seen in abundance during the ramadan period. The recipe begins with frying of sevaiya with pure ghee till it changes it’s color to brown. Fried sevaiyan is removed from ghee and  Khoya/ mawa (milk solids – mostly used in indian sweets) is added and fried  until it changes to light  brown. Later both khoya is mixed with fried sevaiyan along with some nuts. Milk is added to give more richness. And later it is cooked in sugar syrup on a slow flame till all the syrup is soaked up. Sevaiyo ka Muzaffar is served warm. Correct measurement of ingredients play a very important role in this recipe.

Sevaiyo Ka Muzaffar

Sevaiyo Ka Muzaffar (serves 5 to 6 people)



  • 150 gm sevaiya / vermicelli
  • 75 gm Ghee
  • 150 gm Khoya/Mawa ( milk solids)
  • 1/3 cup mixed chopped dry fruits ( almond, cashew, pistachio)
  • 150 gm milk

II : – For sugar syrup

  • 300 gm sugar
  • 300 ml Water( only that much till sugar  sinks)
  • 1/4 tsp cardamom powder
  • few strands of saffron


Almond Flakes for garnishSevaiyo Ka Muzaffar


  1.  Prepare the sugar syrup by mixing all the ingredients mentioned in (II). Add that much water till the sugar sinks. Once the sugar dissolves remove from flame & keep aside
  2. Heat ghee in a pan. Add the sevaiya & fry till brown. Remove the sevaiyan & keep aside
  3. In the same ghee , fry the khoya till brown.
  4. Add the nuts and fry for a minute. Remove from flame
  5. Now mix the fried sevaiyan to the khoya & nut mix.
  6. Add in milk. Mix
  7. Now add the sugar syrup and cover to cook on a lowest flame for about 10 to 15 minutes or till all the syrup and milk has dried up.
  8.  Garnish with almond flakes and serve warm.


Sevaiyo ka muzaffar

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