Chapter 15 – Ramadan An Event to Share


Assala mo alykum & Welcome to last Chapter of Ramadan An Event to Share. This year when I started planning for this event, I was very skeptical whether I should do it or not. Reason being the things going around the Muslim world. I was feeling guilty , that while I am celebrating Ramadan , there are many innocent people  who are going through so much.  Then Kalim  (my hubby) said you are spreading the good part of our religion. Islam is not what it has been portrayed. Our religion is full of rich culture and traditions.  Do your part and just pray to Allah & his rasool  that he keeps us  on right path and eman till our last breath.

This year’s event has been full of surprises and meeting wonderful new bloggers and foodies. This last post was unexpected.  I met Naheda from Jordan on instagram. Naana’s Kitchen is full of delicious dishes from Jordan.  When I asked her if she would be interested in participating in this event. And the response was with loads of food pictures ,  asking me which one. I selected two of her recipe showcasing Jordan – Mansaf & Fenugreek. For our final post let’s  celebrate a Jordanian Ramadan.Ramadan2017

My name is Naheda Dahbour from Jordan. I am a mom of two beautiful boys and a daughter. I never took cooking classes before  but I  love to cook and prepare dishes for my lovely family and friends that’s why I began to teach myself using social media .

Every year all Muslims wait for the mercy month of Ramadan to experience a beautiful moment .We celebrate this  month by putting out traditional lanterns &  making special food like samosas, qatayif ,kunafa and so on.  All the families gather around the iftar table to break their fast. and later go to the mosque to pray. In the last ten days of Ramadan, we start preparing for eid making traditional treats like mamool , date walnut cookies . I am sharing with you the special Jordanian recipe of Mansaf & Fenugreek Continue reading

Chapter 14 – Ramadan An Event To Share


Assalamo alykum & welcome to Chapter 14 of Ramadan An Event to share. Today is the last friday of Ramadan and Juma tul Wida (a bid adieu to ramadan). The feeling at this moment is kind of mixed where on one end we are bidding farewell and on the other end it is the happiness of welcoming Eid.

 In this journey of Ramadan An Event to share, I have come across so many beautiful bloggers and foodies. It makes me happy knowing them and see their enthusiasm to share the Ramadan festivities of their country. I came across such the blog  Julia Al Arab  aka Food Lover an Egyptian Blog. Curiosity drove me to check more about her. Nickname by her husband Julia Al Arab meaning  Julia of Arab (referring to Chef Julia Child) her blog is a treasure of Egyptian recipes. She recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and still she gave me such a beautiful post. Kariman (our Julia Of Arab) is sharing Egyptian Ramadan with the recipe of Ful with Tahini.


Hello everyone! I’m Kariman from Food Lover Kitchen مطبخ جوليا العرب, I would like to thank Huma for inviting me to join this event, it’s my pleasure to be a part of it, to represent my country Egypt, and share with you all how beautiful this month is in Egypt. What distinguishes Egypt from other countries in this month is, not only what you see, but also what you hear! a week (or two) before Ramadan you can see the neighbors helping each other placing what we call “Zeinet Ramadan” (which means lanterns and unique decorations of Ramadan) in the streets between the buildings, also you can see balconies with lights and lanterns everywhere! Second thing is “Madfaa Al Iftar” or Ramadan cannon, which you can hear two times a day, once when it’s time for people to stop eating, in the early dawn with the famous voice of a man calling for it saying “Madfaa Al Imsak, Edrab! مدفع الإمساك، إضرب”, and the second time is when it’s time for Iftar or time to eat! And the voice before it saying “Madfaa Al Iftar, Edrab! مدفع الإفطار، إضرب”; nowadays you can hear those two sounds recorded only on TV or radio, but some cities are still firing real cannons, and a real man announces the times with a loud voice, and believe me it’s really fun to hear live! After people finish eating Iftar, they go to the mosques to pray Eshaa, ,followed by Tarawih prayers, and here is the third beautiful thing you can find here, which is the sound of Qur’an and prayers everywhere at night! What a relaxing voice to hear, and what a lovely spirit in this holy month! Continue reading

Chapter 13 – Ramadan An Event to Share


Assalamo alykum & Welcome to Chapter 13 of Ramadan An Event to Share. Today we have with us Heba Haddad from Heba’s Kitchen. Heba is  a food enthusiast from Kuwait and loves to give a fusion twist to the traditional recipes. She shares with us the recipe of Arabian Nights &  Chicken Mgbos.Ramadan2017

I am Heba Haddad from Kuwait, and working as a full-time managing executive researcher. I discovered my hobby of cooking before 5 yrs. And during those years I developed some cooking techniques that mix some criss-crossing cultures’ cuisine, such as the Kuwaiti, Persian, and Egyptian cuisines.  I discovered by practicing that I have the talent of food stylist along with cooking, and a year ago. Continue reading

Chapter 12 – Ramadan An Event to Share


There are some people, whom you don’t know personally but they give beautiful &   positive vibes through their persona. For Ramadan An Event to share event , she has been on my mind since last year. And when I approached her she agreed to be a part of my event. Today we have with us Nusrat Suborna from  Bangladesh. Her blog Eye of the Beholder , an apt name where her beautiful photographs and write up takes you in another world. Today Nusrat shares with us a Bangladeshi Ramadan with the recipe of Potato Cakes.Ramadan2017

Assalamu Alaikum Warahamatullahi Wabarakatuh.
Jazakallah so much, Huma, for having me over to your Ramadan blog-event. I’m Nusrat, originally from Bangladesh but currently living in the USA. My life is beautifully blessed with a husband-friend, two toddlers, a bunch of true friends, a humble garden and an old camera.
Living this short life based on Sunnah by following the commandments of Allah SWT is my only concern. Teaching my children to do good deeds without seeking recognition/approval from the corrupt, selfish world is I consider my only duty.  May Allah SWT grant all the prayers of the Muslim Ummah, Ameen. Continue reading