1st Edition

Welcome to my First event. Ramadan – An event to share.

Ramadan is the holiest month for muslims around the world.During this month we observe month long fast abstaining for food, drink from dawn to dusk. The purpose of fasting  is greater God-consciousness. From this awareness a person gains discipline, self-restraint and the ability to do good and give freely.  It also opens our eyes to the suffering of the less fortunate, their struggle for single meal of the day & makes us thankful for the things ,he the almighty has bestowed upon us.Ironically the food is center part of this entire period. We prepare many varieties of savories  drinks & desserts also. So this event is all about FOOD, FOOD & food.

During this entire month, I am inviting  Non Bloggers & bloggers from various parts of the blogging world to share my space . We are celebrating the essence of Ramadan and its association with food.Below are participants for this year.  (Will be Updated as the event continues)