Updated  recipe step by step.

The source of this ice cream recipe is still unknown to me. Its a hazy memory maybe I had read it somewhere. But don’t know where.

According to me liquid glucose and stabilizer were a must ingredient for preparation of ice cream. Using this two things only assured that icicles (ice particles) will not be formed.
Eight years back  when I arrived in Dubai, I didn’t know where to find these ingredients.
At that time for all Indian sweets , I had started substituting Condense Milk for Khoya.
With the use of condense milk , I had developed the recipe for Kesar Pista KULFI. It was a huge hit with my family and friends. Though I get complains that  I don’t share its correct recipe as the end result is not good as mine.

Believe me . I have given you all the correct recipe.

 But as I have said this before also, please use correct measurements. Anyways will be sharing this recipe sooooon. And that also EACH & EVERY STEP in detail.

 The preparation of Kesar Pista Kulfi had inspired me. I had not used liquid glucose & stabilizer  & nor the Khoya (  reduced milk) the end result was kulfi without ice particles.

Coming back to my Basic Ice Cream recipe.
And I had these three basic ingredients in my hand : cream, condensed milk and vanilla. I started by beating the cream till it reached 3 times more its volume. Added condense milk & vanilla. Set in freezer. Result OH I couldn’t believe. In front of my eyes was this beautiful soft ICE CREAM.

I had used strawberry for flavouring.  Scooped the Ice Cream in a beautiful palate. Poured a bit of strawberry sauce. Was served  immediately to my dearest Hubby. He asked , I don’t remember bringing ice cream from supermarket. Did you order from grocery. Is it London Diary?? 

I was beaming with smile and proudly said I have prepared it.  O.K was the reply. This was the second month of our marriage. He was not aware about my culinary abilities.He was really impressed. ANd I was HAPPY , HAPPY & Happy.

This recipe is a keeper. Just tossing a few ingredients gives such a beautiful result. 

Pre – preparation & notes:- 

  • Refrigerate your cream for 4-5 hours before using. Overnight is best
  • Turn your freezer temperature to HIGH. 
  • Keep your aluminium vessel in the freezer for maximum 10 minutes.
  • I use  KDD Cream & Nestle Condensed Milk


375 ml cream CHILLED
400 gm condense milk (1 tin)
1 tsp vanilla essence

You will need a aluminium vessel & Beater.


    Pour the 375 ml of cream in chilled aluminium vessel.
    Add in vanilla essence.

    Beat it on high speed  till it reached three time more its volume. Approximately 6 -7 minutes.
    Add in condense milk. Mix on medium speed till cream & condense milk  gets mixed properly.

    Cover the vessel with cling film and freeze for 5 – 6 hours or over night.

    NOTE: This is the BASIC VANILLA ICE CREAM. For flavoring freeze it for 2 hours and flavor it according to the recipe.

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    1. But aap liquid glucose use Kr k icecream kaise bnate hai Vo to Ni. Btaya .....pls tell mere pass bottle padi hai uski or muje nai pata uska use laise kru....☹

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