Green Chicken Sticks


Green Chicken Sticks is nothing but chicken shashlik.
Shashlik (This word originated in Ukraine ) means a  dish consisting of marinated cubes of chicken, lamb,beef  oR paneer grilled in oven or roasted on a fire.
The marinated  meat cubes is inserted on a bamboo stick or skewers along with slices of capsicum, onion, and tomato.
It is also called Shish kebabs. 

For more info on Shashlik:


 200gms   Chicken breast  cut into cubes (approximately 1 cup)
1 Onion, 1 tomato & 1 capsicum cubed
Oil for brushing
6 – 7 Bamboo sticks
2 tbsp       Curd
1/2            Lemon
1tsp          Ginger Garlic paste
1tsp           Green chilly paste ( Grind together 3 green chilly + 1clove garlic + few sprigs coriander leaves + 2pinch cumin)
1 tsp           Crushed Black Pepper
1 tsp           Oil
Salt to taste

Marinate the Chicken with all the marination spices

Mix well with the Fork and keep it in fridge for minimum 2 hours(overnight is best)
Now take a bamboo stick and insert first cubed capsicum, onion, tomato and chicken.Repeat till the entire stick is full. Repeat the process with all the sticks
Grill on a pre heated oven at 200 degrees for 50 – 60 minutes.Keep brushing from with oil on both sides.The vegetable will shrink a little and chicken little browned when ready

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