Chicken Folders

Never knew assembling few ingredient on a piece of roti/khubz would be so much delicious

.Easy to prepare and yumm to eat.

1 pc khubz or 1 pc of Do patri Roti
2 pcs of Chicken E Seekh cut into 4 pcs
1 sliced cucumbers
half moon sliced 1/2  onion
4-5 pcs of pickled jalapeno peppers

For the Yogurt  Dip/Spread
1/2cup yogurt + 1 clove grated  garlic + 1/4 tsp crushed black pepper + salt to tast
  1. Spread the yogurt dip on the Khubz / Purdi Roti evenly. 
  2. Then layer it with cucumber, onion, chicken e  seekh 
  3. Fold it. Now on a hot girdle apply little oil and put this folder on it till crisp. Turn the other side & repeat the process

Cut into 2 pieces. Serve hot with potato wedges & yogurt dip.

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