EID MUBARAK & Eid Ka Dastarkhwan

The word ‘Eid is an Arabic name  meaning festivity, celebration, happiness.
EID-AL-FITR is celebrated at the completion of Ramadan. On this day we thank Allah for giving us the will, strength & endurance to observe fast and obey His commandment during the entire holy month of Ramadan.
Eid brings rejoice & happiness. The rejoicing is not, however, at the departure of the month of Ramadan; it is the happiness which man feels after successfully completing an important task. In all it is the time to spend with family & your loved ones.

EID MUBARAK TO ALL OF YOU  who have been with me through this entire month.

Eid is never complete without Sheer Khurma…..

  Each house has different version. This is mine

 Chicken korma  with Naan &

Bombay Biryani

 with touch of Curd raita. And coconut ladoos . keeping the family tradition of  two sweets to make the complete meal.


Recipe for Sheer Khurma

Server 4 -5 people.
1 ltr milk
10 tbsp sugar
1 1/2 tbsp vermicelli
3 pods green cardamom crushed
few pinches of saffron

5 -6 dry dates (Khurme / Chuare) slice n juliene
3 tbsp  almonds, pistachio, cashew (Mix of dry fruits)
1/2 tsp almond powder
1/4 tsp dry coconut powder

For tempering
2 -3 tbsp pure ghee
1 green cardamom
1 clove


  1. Boil the milk with crushed cardamom on a medium flame around 10 min.
  2. In a separate pan heat ghee. When hot, add in green cardamom & clove.
  3. When it crackles add in the sliced chuare & cook till it slightly changes its color.
  4. Add in dry fruits and the vermicilli. Roast it stirring continuously for a about a min.
  5. Now add in dry coconut powder. Stir quickly , remove from flame &carefully  add it to the boiling milk. ( Take care it will splatter as tempering is added to boiling milk)
  6. Cook for few min & add the almond powder.
  7. Lastly add in the sugar & saffron. Adjust the sweet levels.
  8. Remove & serve hot.

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