Turkish Simit – BP Challenge

Simit , the word comes from the arabic word  samīd (سميد), meaning flour. Traditionally sold around the streets , it is one of national food of of Turkey aside baklawa. Simit origins goes back to Ottomam empire, during which this bread was widespreadly eaten for breakfast, lunch.
Coated with grape molasses followed by seasame seeds, this bread is usually eaten at  breakfast with cheese , fruit preserves & finished off with tea.

Well we loved it with stuffed olives too.

So this month our challenge for Baking Partner was this traditional bread Simit from Turkey. Thanks Swathi for giving us this challenge.

Recipe adapted from here
Makes 3

162 gm Flour
pinch of sugar
1 tsp instant yeast
3 gm salt
1/2 cup + 1 tbsp Water

1 tbsp jaggery
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup sesame seeds


Make the Dough

  1. Mix flour, sugar, yeast & salt
  2. Add water & knead
  3. Knead for around 10 minutes till the dough becomes non sticky
  4. Cover with cling film & keep for rise about 2 hours or double in size
Roll the Simit
  1. Mix jaggery & water in separate bowl. Keep aside.
  2. After the first rise (i.e after 2 hours) measure the dough.
  3. Mine was 265gm. Divide into equal  6 parts.  approx 44gm
  4. Now take two pcs and shape them into 2  long rolls.
  5. Join the 2 rolls from the edge and twist them to form a rope.
  6. Join the twisted rope to the other end to form a Simit ring.
  7. Dip the prepared ring into jaggery water & coat with sesame seeds.

Bake the Simit.

  1. Cover & keep for second rise around 20 minutes
  2. Preheat the oven. & Bake the simit at 190 degrees for 25 minutes.
Serve with olives, akawi cheese & arabic tea.

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  1. Still haven't had the time to bake simit but will. Eid Mubarak in advance.
    Please participate in the diwali event I am hosting. Thanks.

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